Alas, the muslims provide the gift that keeps on giving. Just as some politician keeps decrying the stereotyping of muslims, we have yet another multi-pronged bombing killind dozens and wounding hundreds. It seems liberals will never accept the fact we are at war with a political ideology instead of a religion.

The number of murders perpetrated by this 'religion of peace' is so numerous as to defy tally. Over 28,000 since September 11, 2001, alone. Twenty just in March of 2016. ALL carried out by members of the 'religion of peace.'

Not long ago, we predicted that ISIS will undertake multiple, coordinated attacks in remote cities throughout Europe. After all,  most of Western Europe is made up of gun free zones. France and Belgium are 'gun free' zone. This has worked out well for Hadji. Their attacks succeed since there is little chance of being thwarted, unless the police and military happen to be at the right location, at the right time, with both guns and ammunition. Each even is an ever expanding area of operation, leading to multiple, simultaneously  coordinated attacks in multiple countries.

Once these exercises have been refined, then it's on to the United States - the prize target of Islam. But, our illustrious Department of Homeless Insecurity suggests "no credible threat" to the U.S.  How far must one's head be inserted up their ass before they can peek out through their tonsils ?  San Bernardino, Chattanooga, Ft. Hood, Boston, the World Trade Center . . . none were sufficient clues for these political geniuses.

None of this should come as a surprise to anyone who is paying attention to details. An attack like this was never a question of 'if', but rather 'when' and 'where'. . . the answers to which government establishments are totally impotent to predict or avert.

The key to all of this is to note the French reaction and its consequences: Declaration of a National State Of Emergency, and Martial Law. This means the State controls everything and everyone. They can enter any building or home at will, search anyone anywhere at any time.

This is precisely what we believe is going to happen in the United States prior to the November Elections in 2016. This will give The Occupant of the White House the excuse to declare a national State of Emergency, to declare nationwide Martial Law, to suspend the Constitution, and to suspend the November, 2016, elections. As long as this national State Of Emergency exists, there will be no Constitution, no elections, civil liberties suspended, and B. Hussein will remain in power as a Dictator.

Our message to Europe, to Canada, and the United States: You are incompetent fools to allow so much as one muslim to reside on your soil.  Islam is ISIS; ISIS is Islam. You can put lipstick on a pig, but it is still a pig. The simple fact remains that ISIS has the muslim qur'an as their authority for such conduct, and they are growing in their strength and outreach.

The muslim qur'an is Nazi Germany's version of Mein Kampf that became the justification to wage war from 1939-1945.

Europe needs to deport EVERY muslim, NOW !! The United States needs to deport EVERY muslim, NOW!! Every mosque needs to be closed, NOW!! Every border secured, NOW !!

From 1897-1898, the late Sir Winston Churchill fought in northwest India, Egypt and Sudan, serving under the command of General Herbert Kitchener.

Churchill returned to Britain and penned a two-volume work, “The (Nile) River War,” in which he wrote: “How dreadful are the curses which Mohammedanism lays on its votaries! … The fanatical frenzy, which is as dangerous in a man as hydrophobia in a dog. … Insecurity of property exist wherever the followers of the Prophet rule or live … A degraded sensualism deprives this life of its grace and refinement; the next of its dignity and sanctity.” Churchill went on to describe Islam as a: “… system of ethics, which regards treachery and violence as virtues rather than vices.

Churchill continued: “The fact that in Mohammedan law every woman must belong to some man as his absolute property, either as a child, a wife, or a concubine, must delay the final extinction of slavery until the faith of Islam has ceased to be a great power among men. Individual Moslems may show splendid qualities … but the influence of the religion paralyses the social development of those who follow it.”

Churchill concluded: “No stronger retrograde force exists in the world. Far from being moribund, Mohammedanism is a militant and proselytizing faith. It has already spread throughout Central Africa, raising fearless warriors at every step; and were it not that Christianity is sheltered in the strong arms of science, the science against which it had vainly struggled, the civilization of modern Europe might fall, as fell the civilization of ancient Rome.”

It is long past time to stop pulling the wool over our own eyes, and trying to explain Islamic, MUSLIM TERRORISM, away in esoteric terms.

Islam is a religious and political bully - nothing more. Islam insists that you accommodate it to the fullest extent, while at the same time it insists that you dismantle your own heritage, your own religion, your own beliefs, and your own morals. The U.S. has been at war against Islam since Thomas Jefferson sent U.S. Marines against the Islamic Barbary Pirates.

Right now, the Islamic bully is winning because no one is punching back with the requisite brutality and authority to gain their respect. You can not negotiate with a bully. The very notion of negotiating with the Islamic Terrorist Bully Network ( ITBN ) is simply laughable.

The background study on 'Allah' is quite revealing. It is the name of the only god in Islam. Allah is acutally a pre-Islamic name coming from the compound Arabic word Al-ilah which means 'the god', which is derived from al (the) ilah (deity).

The Arabic name for "god" is the word "Al-ilah." It is a generic title for whatever god was considered the highest god. Different Arab tribes used "Allah" to refer to its personal high god. "Allah" was being worshipped at the Kaa'ba in Mecca by Arabs well prior to the time of Mohammed. It was formerly the name of the chief god among the numerous idols in the Kaaba in Mecca before Mohammed made them into monotheists. Historians have shown that the moon god called "Hubal" was the god to whom Arabs prayed at the Kaa'ba and they used the name "Allah" when they prayed.

Today a Muslim is one who submits to the god called Allah.

Islam, itself, means submission to Allah, but originally it meant that strength which characterized a desert warrior who, even when faced with impossible odds, would fight to the death for his tribe. (Dr. M. Baravmann, The Spiritual Background of Early Islam, E. J. Brill, Leiden, 1972)

The source of this (Allah) goes back to pre-Muslim times. Allah is not a common name meaning either the God of the Scriptures, or a pagan god, and the Muslim must use another word or form if he wishes to indicate any other than his own peculiar deity. (Encyclopedia of Religion and Ethics (ed. Hastings), I:326.)

According to the Encyclopedia of Religion, Allah actually dates back to the Ancient Babylonian god, Baal. Arabs and other Mesopotamian region peoples knew of him long before Mohammed worshipped him as the supreme god. Indeed, Baal is named in the Old Testament as the god of the Philistines - obviously some 15 centuries before Mohammed. Before Islam came along, the Arabs recognized many gods and goddesses, with each tribe having their own deity. There were also nature deities. Allah was the god of the local Quarish tribe, which was Mohammed's tribe before he invented Islam to fabricate a political system based on a belief system. Allah was then known as the Moon god, who had 3 daughters who were viewed as intercessors for the people into Allah. Their names were Al-at, Al-uzza, and Al-Manat, which were three goddesses; the first two daughters of Allah had names which were feminine forms of Allah. Hubal was the chief god of the Kaaba among the other 300-plus deities. Hubal was the chief god of the Kaaba among these deities. Hubal was a statue likeness of a man whose body was made of red precious stones whose arms were made of gold. (Reference "Islam", by George Braswell Jr.)

"Historians like Vaqqidi have said Allah was actually the chief of the over 300 gods being worshipped in Arabia at the time Mohammed rose to prominence. Ibn Al-Kalbi gave 27 names of pre-Islamic deities. Interestingly, not many Muslims want to accept that Allah was already being worshipped at the Ka'ba in Mecca by Arab pagans before Mohammed came. Some Muslims become angry when they are confronted with this fact. But history is not on their side. Pre-Islamic literature has proved this." (G. J. O. Moshay, Who Is This Allah? (Dorchester House, Bucks, UK, 1994), pg. 138).

History has shown Mecca and the holy stone al-Kaaba were holy sites for pre-Islamic pagan Arabs. The Kaaba in Mecca was formerly named Beit-Allah meaning House of Allah. We are told it was first built in heaven. This is in  starke contraast to what Moses was instructed to build, something conveniently overlooked by the Muslims in their reading of the Bible.

The Koran claims that Mohammed drove the other idols away; he made one god now the only god, and he was its messenger. He kept the Kaaba as a holy, sacred place and confirmed that the black stone had the power to take away the sins of man. He obligated every believer to make a pilgrimage to the stone at least once in his lifetime. (Sura 22:26-37) No Old Testament saint ever had a pilgrimage to the Kaaba and kissed its black stone despite  the stories that Abraham and Ishmael restored it.

Mohammed used the name Allah which was formerly the name of a specific idol without ever distinguishing it from the idol the Meccan's were already worshipping. This was a modification of their former worship but never a complete break. He never did say for the people to stop their worship of the wrong Allah, for the right one. It can still be monotheism and still not be the God of the Bible.

Al-Lat which is a T at the end of the name of Allah, was represented by a square stone whose major sanctuary was in the city of Taif. In the sanctuary was a black stone in the town of Qudayd between Mecca and Medina. She was the goddess of fate, a female counterpart of Allah. Al-uzza was the goddess of east Mecca. As the story is told, there were human sacrifices made to her, and Islamic tradition, tells of a story of Mohammed's grandfather almost sacrificing his son the father of Mohammed to her. What prevented this was his seeking counsel from a fortune teller which told him to ransom his son with one hundred camels. Muslims look to this as the will of Allah to bring Mohammed into existence. (Reference Muhammad husain haykal, Hayat mohammed)

"The name Allah, as the Qur'an itself is witness, was well known in pre-Islamic Arabia. Indeed, both it and its feminine form, Allat, are found not infrequently among the theophorous names in inscriptions from North Africa." (Arthur Jeffrey, ed., Islam: Muhammad and His Religion (1958), p. 85.)

The literal name of Mohammed's father in Arabic is Abd Allah. His uncle's name Obred Allah. These names show the devotion of Mohammed's families pagan roots, and also prove that Allah was part of a polytheistic system of  pagan worship before Allah was morphed into the supreme and only god from the other gods. This should be proof to the pre-Islamic root of the name of Allah to the Muslim. Remember they were pagans who used this name. He kept his family name above all the other names. Mohammad fell short of separating Arab pagans from his newly fabricated religion-based political model.

Mecca was the place where the idol Allah was located, so the people would face in that direction when they prayed. Prior to Islam the people would pray 5 times a day facing Mecca (The Encyclopedia of Islam p.303) Prior to Islam's beginning each Arab tribe used Allah to refer to its own particular high god. This is why Hubal, the Moon god, (known by other names) was the central focus of prayer at the Kaabah and people prayed to Hubal and they used the name Allah.The crescent moon was the symbol of the moon God Allah (Hubal) and is still used as a symbol of Islam today; although the meaning has been changed to be from Mecca to ‘the moon Islam will spread'. Today there is hardly a Muslim that knows its ancient origin. History records it as an ancient pagan fertility symbol that is found throughout the Middle East. Mohammed smashed all the idols that led the people into idolatry but the black stone was kept which Muslims continue to kiss today. This was another practice that preceded Mohammad.

Mohammed made Allah into a single being who, unlike the Bible's God who is called Father, has no Son. Because of this portrayal, there is no fellowship or love among the godhead before God created man. Creation and man therefore become a necessity for God to express His attributes or characteristic's. This god has never revealed Himself to man but revealed only His will. This god is so removed from man that it is impossible to know him in a personal way, he relates to man only through his will and law. It is a religion of obedience no different than any other. This is in total contradiction to the God of the Bible, as known by Judaism and Christianity.

To the Muslim, god is strictly singular, all seeing, all hearing, almighty, He is the first and the last. But what differs is that he has no Son and he cannot be called Father who relates to His son in a unique way (Son and Father does not mean offspring in historic Christianity).

Of the 99 names of God in Islam, not one is "Father" or has a personal connotation. The difference is not to be overlooked. The God of the Bible, Yahweh, or Jehovah, is personal and wants an ongoing friendship with each of us. Islam portrays its god as one who expects us to do our religious duty or he angers. There are rules to be obeyed and one can only please him but not know him personally. No Muslim would ever consider being able to have a personal relationship with him, by talking to him, and loving him. In contrast to Islam, Jesus taught Christians to pray "Our Father Who Art In Heaven" (Matthew 6:9). Throughout the Old Testament, God was real to the prophets who had him personally speak to them and they to him. "Have we not all one Father? Has not one God created us? Why do we deal treacherously with one another by profaning the covenant of the fathers?" (Malachi 2:10)

In Islam some state that if one memorizes the 99 names of Allah and repeats them he will get into paradise because they give the believer power, making them conscious of god. Neither the Koran nor the Hadith speak of these names in such a way. The Suras in the Koran begin with "In the name of Allah, most gracious, most merciful. Yet in practice Islam's god is portrayed as stern, harsh, having compassion on those who do right and deals severely with those who do not.

To a Muslim the God of the Bible who is described as triune is offensive and pagan, reminding them of what Mohammed destroyed. This is recorded in their Qu'ran. They interpret this as 3 separate gods and not a unified one. " They are unbelievers who say god is a third of three. No god is there but one god." While Muslims affirm Jesus' virgin conception, they deny He had any pre-existence that would imply He is God. They deny the Holy Trinity and the Divinity of Jesus. To call a prophet god is the ultimate in blasphemy to them. " Verily god will not forgive the union of other gods with himself." This is a true statement; however if Jesus is who He said He is, the true God, then it is muslims who are in union with another than the true God.

Muslims claim that the name Allah can be found in the Bible. This is no different than what the Jehovah's Witnesses do for the name Jehovah. Allah is not called Yahweh once in the Koran but neither is Yahweh called Allah in the Bible. So they can't be the same God. Neither is the word Elohim which is applied to Yahweh over 2,500 times in the Bible used in the Koran. Neither is he called I Am, which He said to Moses would be His name forever.

The God of the Bible identifies himself as the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Jacobs name is later changed to the name Israel, being the father of the 12 tribes of Israel. The God of the Bible calls Jerusalem the city of David and that the Messiah would descend from his lineage. Likewise, the God of the Bible does not mention Mecca or Medina but instead Jerusalem 800 times. Yet Jerusalem is not mentioned in the Koran, which the Muslim claims as their own.

The God in the Bible is called the God of the Jews, an impossibility with Allah. They are called his chosen people, but they are not Allah's chosen. Allah commands the Muslim to not take the Jews or Christians as friends, Sura.5:51 disdains the Jews. Mohammed said, "The last hour will not come before the Muslims fight the Jews, and the Muslims kill them." (Mishkat Al Masabih Sh.M. Ashraf pp.147, 721, 810-11, 1130). So how could Israel inherit the land or any of God's promises from Allah, if he is their God. Clearly he is not the same God of the Bible.

Muslims trying to prove their position from the Bible point to the Old Testament with the word alleluyah, interpreting the first portion of the word alle as Allah. The word [H]alleluyah is not a compound Hebrew word. It is not two words but a singular word meaning praise to Yahweh. (alle- praise, lu-to, yah-Yaweh). The beginning of the word is Hallel meaning praise. This has nothing to do with an Allah, and the last syllable of the word is a reference to Yahweh, the God of the Bible, this is hardly any evidence for their assertions. They are also confusing Aramaic with Arabic. This is not unusual, as Muslims will often take words and meanings set in another language and culture and adopt them for proof of their own book or religion.

This word play only gets more ludicrous as they try to have Jesus saying the name of their God. When Jesus was on the cross they claim when he cried out Eloi, Eloi it was really is Allah, Allah. The New Testament was written in Greek, however it points us to him speaking the Aramaic language, not Arabic. Jesus was quoting Psalm 22:1 which read in full says, Eloi, Eloi lama Sabachthani "My God, My God why have you forsaken me." What makes even less sense for this position is the fact that they don't believe that it was Jesus on the cross in the first place, but that another took His place. Some think it was Judas; so it was Judas crying out Allah, Allah?

The first Arabic translation of the Bible was made about the 9th century. Nowhere is the name of Allah found in the Old or New Testament as a name for God the Father of the Sacred Trinity. When Islam became the dominant political force people were coerced to use the name Allah for god or suffer the consequences from the hands of militant Muslims. Because of Islam's dominance Allah became the common name of god. The translators of the Bible gave in to the religious pressures and substituted Allah for Yahweh in the Arabic Bibles, but this is not the name of the god of the Hebrews, nor of the creator who made heaven and earth because of its source in paganism. His nature and attributes have only a few basic similarities and many more differences. And the most important point is that all through the Qu'ran it says Allah has no son.

Jesus said to Simon: That thou art Peter; and upon this rock I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. And I will give to thee the keys of the kingdom of heaven. And whatsoever thou shalt bind upon earth, it shall be bound also in heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt loose on earth, it shall be loosed also in heaven.  Gospel of St. Matthew, Chapter 16

Sorry, mohammed raghead, but you ain't it!
SO WHAT, you ask. What is the big deal about Islam creeping back into Europe, and everywhere else in the world for that matter. (remember, they did it once already in the 8th Century to the 15th Century).

Well, the big deal is that unless you have been asleep for the last 100 years, you will have noticed that Islam is again on the march, and this time under a radical madate. They will not settle for regional victory as in the 15th Century against Constantinople. This time they are out for the global subjugation of everyone to Islam.

While they claim to be fighting to unite everyone under Islam - their version of the one 'true faith', they are actually fighting to restore the empire that had developed after Mohammed died in 632 A.D.

Islam is NOT a religion. It is a political ideology, deceitfully cloaked in the guise of, and under the mantle of calling itself a religion. It behaves like a religion on the outside, but functions as a totalitarian dictatorship once the cancer overpowers its victims.

The Caliphate Movement, is little different from 20th Century Communism, except that it masquerades as a religion of peace. The reality is that it is a machine of human destruction. Elements of this criminal enterprise are present around the world, including the United States. It disguises itself under many different labels, and is branded to appear benign and harmless - merely another mono-theistic Religion of Peace, similar to Judaism, or Christianity.

But it is neither a religion nor is it wanting of peace. Let us re-emphasize from the highlighted paragraph above: Islam never has been, and never will be a 'Religion'. It is a political system of subjugation which masquerades itself as a 'religion' in order to clothe itself in respectability. By disguising itself as a religion, it can claim protection in those Western European nations, along with the United States and Canada, which profess religious tolerance. The concept of religious tolerance is the cloak under which this criminal enterprise operates.

An extreme radical segment of an already out of control and highly dangerous movement has tentatively established a 'Da’esh'. This movement is spreading at an alarming rate, and has swallowed up much of eastern Syria and western Iraq, including Saddam Hussein’s home town of Tikrit.

The group’s Syrian possessions include the city of al-Raqqah. That means nothing in the U.S., but to muslims, it does. For more than a century, al-Raqqah was the capital of one of the great caliphates. If Da’esh can keep its Syrian and Iraqi territories, expansion into Trans-Jordan and Lebanon is just a matter of time.

To understand the significance of all of this, one must understand Islamic history in the 7th Century - which is the time frame in which all these dirtbags want everyone to live in, and want the rest of the world to return to.  After Mohammed's demise, there were four 'divine' caliphs, who were the 'apostles' of Islam, charged with spreading Sharia Law into the rest of the known world. Again, note the emphasis on the concept of Sharia Law. Law is a function of Government, not religion. This should be a clue to anyone who has at least four functional brain cells.

The second, or Umayyad caliphate, remains the largest area Islam created, from @ 660-750 A.D. It stretched from Spain to Pakistan.
The Umayyad were replaced by the Abbasid, who set up the longest caliphate in terms of duration, from @ 750-1260. The last major caliphate was that of the Ottomans and lasted from 1301 to 1922.

In between a number of mini-caliphates have flourished around the world; but, herein lies the thorn in the side of the civilized world.

The abolition of the Ottoman Caliphate by Ataturk in 1924, following World War One, is a deep historic wound. Never mind that the Ottoman's came in on the wrong side of that war, and lost. None the less, they believe that only a revival of that caliphate is necessary to resume the wars of conquest against the infidel - with infidel being defined as anyone who isn't a muslim.

HOWEVER . . . history belies this notion. Throughout history, the muslim conquerors had not attempted the notion of conversion by force. Jews and Christians could keep their faith by paying a TAX ! Note yet again: Taxes are a tool of government not religion. Keep that in mind. Even under the Ottoman Empire, non muslims were free to do as they pleased, so long as they paid that religion tax - again reinforcing that Islam is a political ideology, not a religion.

All that mattered was that (a) non muslims lived under Islamic rule, and (b) Islam was politics. The Caliphate is the defining difference between ordinary muslims and radical islamists.

In 2015, Islam does NOT have any living and evolving theology. The notion of a theology died out in the last decades of the Ottoman Empire. Today in any mosque you attend, you're more likely to hear radical political indoctrination than anything remotely resembling a faith system. For the Syrian Da’esh, al Qaeda, the Khomeinists in Iran, the Taliban in Afghanistan and Boko Haram in Nigeria, God is merely a distractive figurine in the play of death and destruction.

The late Ayatollah Khomeini, was nothing more than a sinister politican dressed in clerical garb. Of his nearly 100,000 pages of writings, speeches, and so on, less than a dozen could remotely be described as an attempt to dabble in theology.

The Koran, or Quran, or however anyone cares to spell it, is little more than a disjointed book of hatred, debauchery, criminal misbehavior, and depravity all painted up to look like a religion. This is so it can be 'sold' to the world as a Religion Of Peace.

Europeans and Americans are living in a delusional dream. They are oblivious to the literature that is put out by the Caliphate mindset - and that includes the Muslim Brotherhood, Hezbollah, Hamas, and every other segment of radical Islam.  Don't believe that ? Iranian Supreme Leader, Ali Khamenei, periodically orders raids against anyone selling Wester pop music or movies. Boko Haram, which means Education Is Forbidden, in Nigeria attacks western style schools, especially where females are involved. The Da'esh crowd have torched schools, bookshops, and a host of other establishments in Syria.

The Caliphateists divide the world into three areas. First consists of Barack Mohammed al-Hussein Obama's  57 States - the Muslim-majority countries that form the Islamic Conference Organizations. They would form the core of the dream caliphate.

The next section covers countries once ruled by muslims, including Russian, Siberia (to the Black Sea), Crimea, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Greece, all the Mediterranean islands, and most of Spain. And at the other end, there are parts of India and China.

The third section are areas never under muslim control - such as Japan, Indochina, and the whole of the Western Hemisphere.

Some really whacked out muslims claim that the United States admitted to become subservient to Islam by paying off the Barbary Pirates (muslims), except that notion was cancelled by then President Thomas Jefferson.

SO . . . . you have your Caliphate.  Who is going to be the Caliph ?

In the 1930s, the kings of Saudi Arabia and Egypt tried the Caliph title for themselves. Da’esh leader Abubakr al-Baghdadi has already claimed the title as has Mullah Omar in Afghanistan. In Iran, Khamenei has similar delusions of grandeur. Nigerian Abu-Bakr Shekau is considered as caliph by Boko Haram and its counterpart, Ansar ul-Islam (Victors of Islam) in the name of African Islam.

One man who might have had a credible claim to the title was Ertugul Osman, the last descendant of the last Ottoman caliph. But he died in Manhattan in 2009, and left no sons.

To those who have their head in their ass, the notion of a revived caliphate sounds far fetched. For the time being, while Europe of the United States play the cowards, there will be a never ending series of wars, and  events like the Paris attacks in January of this year will continue to spread, sparing no one.  Right now muslims are killing muslims by the thousands. How nice it would be if they would confine themselves to killing each other.

The ONLY solution is one that will not come through 'peace talks', diplomatic negotiation or political pandering and placating. The attack on our military recruiters in Chattanooga on July 16, 2015, is yet another slap in the face that should wake everyone in America up to the fact that you can not assimilate islam into anything civilized.  It is going to take multiple attacks on unarmed civilians across the United States and Western Europe for the governments to finally open one eye and wake up.

It will take countless such attacks in the United States for the people to rise up against this menace. The muslims occupying the Executive Branch of the U.S. Government surely will everything they can get away with to encourage and facilitate their fellow muslims from murdering American civilians, as long as those civilians aren't racist in labelling the problem as what it is.

The last 1,400 years has shown that this menace known as Islam must be eradicated, like we did with Nazi Germany and Tojo's Japan. It will only come about with the total destruction of Islam, and muslims will have to be slaughtered by the millions before this cancer is sent reeling back into the 7th Century.

Oh, and to you liberal whining assholes out there - this isn't hate speech. This is REALITY ! Deal with it !

We are playing a very dangerous game of politics with a fanatical system of tyrrany that masquerades as a religion.

History Repeats Itself Yet Again, And with striking similarities.
Islam - The Global Threat